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Welcome to the Waldorf School of Jordan! Think education only happens through memorization and testing? Think again: the Waldorf School of Jordan adds music, art, social-emotional learning and critical thinking to traditional subjects like science, math, English and Arabic to help our students reach a deeper understanding of the world around them. Think more: we provide our students with a daily program of movement, stories, crafts, gardening, and hands-on activities to inspire them with wonder and a lifelong love of learning. Think deeper: we are a school that believes in the power of love to unlock student potential, where happiness is part of the curriculum, and teachers take the time to know and nurture each student’s unique personality. Go ahead: think about a better and different kind of school. Think Waldorf!

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Our Kindergarten program provides a nurturing foundation for the growing child through the Pre-School, KG1 and KG2 years. By nourishing the mind and senses through a healthy and beauty-filled environment, our program fosters the development of the whole child.


Our Elementary program is designed to help students develop individuality and freedom balanced with cooperation and collaboration. Academic subjects such as math, reading, and writing are introduced in ways that nurture students natural curiosity and imagination.

Upper Grades

Our Middle and High Schools combine the richness of Waldorf Education with the rigor of the American "SAT" curriculum. Led by expert teachers, students think independently and pursue deep intellectual studies. They develop their sense of self while exploring the world at large.

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